REVIEW: Sound Bytes of Passage (Grr Nights) @ Fringe

Words by: Meg Lack

Perth based menagerie choir preformed ‘Sound Bytes of Passage’ as part of Grr Nights at the Blue Room Theatre.

As I was taken into what seemed like a tiny hut I really didn’t know what to expect of this singing act. After we were submerged in darkness and with Menageries position unknown to us outside the hut, ‘Sound Bytes of Passage’ delivered a story through song, seemingly reminiscing on childhood and questioning the seriousness of adulthood.

This idea of reflection only really became apparent between songs when the choir incorporated recorded audio of choir members pondering their childhood and teenage dreams and hopes. With songs ranging from Pink Floyd to Stevie Wonder we were certainly thrown into the past.

The group showcased beautiful harmonies throughout the five song set  whilst moving around, playing outside and inside the hut,  leaving me pretty impressed. Being submerged in darkness also added a exciting and suspenseful appeal as you were never sure which side of the hut the choir would next burst into song, making it all seem very playful.

And what’s a singing  performance without a sing along with the audience, boldly done with a harmonious rendition of Teenage Dirtbag to end the show and a unveiling of the actual choir to the audience. A crowd pleaser to say the least that left the crowd cheery and slightly impressed with their own singing skills I dare say.

Sound Bytes of Passage was a charming enjoyable little set that couldn’t help leave you with a smile on your face and humming the tunes of Wheatus as you left.

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